Unlock Your Potential with Mushrooms & Psychedelics eCourse + Q&A


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Let’s make it practical. Our “Action” packages offer you the most valuable and accessible wisdom on medicinal mushrooms and psychedelics for your healing journey.

In this 4-module mini-course and Q&A with Dr. Maya Shetreat, you’ll learn exactly what you can do NOW to uplevel your life – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – and let go of everything that’s been holding you back from feeling alive, joyful and in your purpose.

Unlock Your Potential with Mushrooms and Psychedelics will cover:

  • Finding the perfect medicinal mushrooms for longevity
  • Ways to engage with the wisdom of psychedelic medicines without even ingesting them
  • Everything you want to know about microdosing
  • How to find reputable sources and coaches

This expert-led mini-course includes the Everything You Need to Know if You’re Thinking about Doing Psychedelics eGuide, The Quick Start Guide to Medicinal Mushrooms eGuide and a LIVE Q&A with Dr. Maya. Join us!