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A 3-Part Live Event with Jeffrey Smith on April 3, 10 and 17, 2021
(Recording access included)

Bruce Lipton and Lynn Twist described this time in human civilization like a caterpillar metamorphosis. Inside the cocoon, specialized cells called imaginal cells find each other and together orchestrate the transformation into a butterfly. This interactive series is designed to help you be the most effective imaginal cell, transforming your own life and society.

To help you step into your full power, Jeffrey Smith will share powerful exercises for the different stages of your journey. Learn to:

  • Identify subconscious programming that may be holding you back
  • Locate resistance and triggers within your body
  • Neutralize those triggers
  • Activate new energetic pathways to support your emergence
  • Bring your work into the world with greater ease and effectiveness

Discover how the major themes covered in the summit form a working model you can use for your growth. You can ask questions live or in advance and see, firsthand, how Jeffrey combines the wealth of knowledge presented in the summit with his personal experience to address issues that mean the most to you right now.