Steps to Better Health eCourse




General principles get you a fair way down the road to better health. A tailored nutritional program helps you the rest of the way. Our “Action” packages empower you to take the whole journey from start to finish.

With clear instructions for a healthful way forward, this 4-module course will teach you the foundations of a good diet, daily practices to reduce stress, and how to measure your nutrient levels, correct imbalances and fine-tune your diet using systems medicine.

MODULE 1: Eat a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet
MODULE 2: Build Resilience
MODULE 3: Balance Micronutrients
MODULE 4: Fine Tune with Persomic

The Steps to Better Health eCourse will explore the topics of calorie density and healthy weight, sleep, immunity, micronutrients, testing and how your connection to community and the environment fits into your journey.

Each module includes a 30-minute video, slide deck and resource guide.