Inspiring Immunity Intensive eCourse




Our “Action” packages provide you with comprehensive strategies for elevating your immune system, no matter what your starting point is. In this 5-part course and two live, group coaching sessions with Dr. Peter Kan, you’ll discover the top ways to improve immune function and your overall health.

Our expert-led Inspiring Immunity Intensive eCourse will teach you about:

  • Primary drivers of chronic immune weakness
  • Why these factors can lead to complications of the flu & other viral infections
  • Connection between adrenal health, blood sugar, leaky gut & immune function
  • Yin-yang of brain function & how it influences immunity

This eCourse also includes a BONUS presentation on the immune system’s “playbook” against the current global health crisis and how to use targeted nutritional compounds to improve immune function against any pathogen.

With this foundational knowledge and group coaching support, you’ll be able to effectively boost your body’s defenses and speed healing during times of illness. Join us!