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Whether you are wanting to start a career as a therapist, or you want to learn the secrets behind the power of your mind, this is the course to start your journey. You will learn all about the history of visualization, suggestion and NLP, including how it works, what the research says and why these brain sciences are so effective for behavior change and overcoming stress, fears and anxiety.

In this 9-part course, you will discover 9 core techniques that have helped millions de-stress, stop smoking, lose weight, play better golf and so much more! You’ll receive a copy of Dr. Patrick Porter’s Discover the Language of the Mind: The Hypnotist’s Guide to Psycho-Linguistics eBook, 9 video lessons and guided self-hypnosis audio exercises PLUS PDF worksheets for each lesson.

This course also prepares you for more advanced therapeutic applications offered in future courses at BrainTap Academy.