60-Day Health Improvement Challenge: Labs, Recommendations & Coaching (U.S. Only)




Give us 60 days! We’ll measure your vital health metrics now, coach you on how to improve and see how you do! We know it’s not easy to take back control of your health by setting new habits, so we’re here to help.

In our 60-Day Health Improvement Challenge, we’ll:

  • Collect blood work to be analyzed via Ulta Lab Tests
  • Provide personal recommendations based on your results
  • Set up 2 consulting / coaching calls to help you create new habits

This is the next level of doing what you can to improve health and happiness — join us and let’s work toward feeling more confident and energetic!

Blood work is provided by Ulta Lab Tests and is available at Labcorp or Quest in the U.S. only. We also do not reimburse blood work completed on your own using another service center. Excludes New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Wyoming, as there are no Patient Service Centers or state law restrictions are in place. You may travel to another state to complete your blood work.