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Why Inflammation? Online Workshop

ONLY $39!

The 15-module Why Inflammation? Workshop is a fundamentally different approach to the healing process. With advice and protocols from such experts as Dr. Joe Mercola, JJ Virgin, Dr. Lee Cowden and others, each module has a number of video lessons that specifically speak to such important factors as detoxification, oral health, your microbiome, nutrition and homeopathy, as well as the check-ups and tests to include as part of your normal routine.

Printed Transcripts Book: Film, Episodes & Interviews

ONLY $40!

While each purchase comes with an ONLINE (pdf) transcripts book, you can also add a PRINTED transcripts book (includes the film, episodes and all supplemental interviews) shipped to your door for only $40! This printed book is perfect for those who prefer a handy reference as part of their health library, or would like to easily share this wisdom with friends and family members!



ONLY $69!

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Bundle our Why Inflammation? Online Workshop of 15 unique health modules
and the Printed Transcripts Book: Film, Episodes & Interviews to save $10!

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